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Mohiniyattam is a famous classical dance form developed in Kerala. It derives its name from Mohini - who is the vishnu avatar in the form a an enchantress, meant to help good prevail over evil. 

The dolls in the photos are 9" and 11". Other sizes are made and available too. 

The features and details on the dolls vary according to the sizes, the bigger the size the better the detailing.

Mohiniyattam - Kerala

  • This piece will add beauty and grace wherever you choose to place it. This will also make a wonderful gift for any who performs this dance form or enjoys any dances at all. 

    *The price mentioned is that of a single doll. 

    *You can keep it in a closed showcase or if you choose to keep it outside, you can clean it as and when needed with a dry or damp (not wet) soft cloth. 

    *Do not keep it in a place that receives direct rain or sunshine.  

    *The dolls you receive might not have the same costume as in the picture. But rest assured, we do pay great attention to aesthetics and the quality of the product is always of a high standard.  

    *The size mentioned is that of the standing doll. If the doll is in a sitting or bent posture, the height of the doll will vary, while the size will remain the same. 

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