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How YOU Are Helping

Today, Artefakt is a thriving team of 14 women coming from difficult socio-economic backgrounds. So everytime you buy a doll from us, you are majorly helping an unskilled woman build up self-esteem and support her family. Ramani’s craftsmanship and leadership has helped provide livelihoods to these families while developing an art form that’s so unique, actually the only kind in the entire world!    

Ramani strives for all-round development of her workers, to create an enjoyable and productive atmosphere for them to work in. The team goes out on picnics, has potlucks, celebrates various Indian festivals, gets trained about different things like personal well-being, hygiene, enhancing one's confidence and such. Ramani also gives out small loans to workers in times of their need, with 0 interest. She guides them to get their children educated well.

When you buy from us, you are in your own small way contributing to making all this happen. So, do remember to feel good about it!     

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