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Our Team

Artefakt is a team of 20 women passionately working to create art that touches peoples hearts. A lot of whom come from backgrounds filled with struggle and difficulties - financial and personal. 

Ramani has been a true leader in guiding our lives towards progress and positivity. She is a one woman army of sorts - conceptualizes, designs, creates, trains, supervises, sources all the raw-materials, communicates, does marketing and promotions, does all the problem-solving, everything you would need to do to run a small-scale business. Slowly, she has also created and evolved a team to support her in this endeavor to revive this art through creating a platform of growth for different women.  

The team consists of 4 members from Ramani's family - her mother, daughter, cousin sister and sister-in-law. Also, 15 women who come from a lower socio-economic situation have been trained by Ramani over the years to become Artefakt's backbone.  Now, some specialize in creating the base structure of the doll, some help with painting them, some create the dazzling costumes, some make the intricate jewelry that the dolls wear. 

Everyday is an opportunity for improvement. And we all look at the hours we put into our work as a process of growth for us and as an offering to the people who cherish art.     


From Left to Right (Standing): Kavita, Mangala, Sheela, Rajani, Laxmi, Sunita, Reena, Lakshmi, Bhanukumari 

From Left to Right (Sitting): Sunita T, Varsha, Vaishali, Karuna, Ramani, Kruti, Leela

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